Jungle Gym Straps - Complete Bodyweight Workout

  • Would you like to be able to perform a challenging workout anywhere, anytime?

  • Do you want to develop more overall strength, stability, and muscle tone?

  • Would you like use your own body weight for an amazing workout?

  • Are you tired of over-priced gimmicks that don’t deliver results?

As a trainer Iím always looking for ways to improve the quality of the exercise routines for both my clients and myself. Iím also a strong believer in using highly productive, functional exercises, incorporating a lot of bodyweight training, compound movements, and unique training accessories. However, when it comes to bodyweight training, many exercises are either too easy or too challenging for many people. So when I first heard about the Jungle Gym straps I was interested.

When many of my clients begin training with me, they are not yet strong enough to perform a regular pushups or chinups. More advanced trainees need a greater challenge than their own bodyweight usually provides. The Jungle Gym exercises can be modified (depending on what angle you are training at) to provide a challenging workout appropriate for fitness enthusiasts at any level.

The Jungle Gym is also an amazing accessory for those who are busy or who travel a lot. You can perform exercises like rowing, strap pushups, and a series of other upper and lower body movements on the road by simply hooking the Jungle Gym up anywhere (on a door, tree limb, or an overhanging bar or beam). The unique “unstable” design challenges you to adapt and stabilize yourself, which also forces you to involve your core muscles. Now anyone can achieve a complete workout on their own, anytime, anywhere.

The Jungle Gym is similar to many other body weight “strap” training systems on the market today, but it sells at a fraction of the price. Overall, the Jungle Gym is an excellent, light weight, convenient training accessory which both my clients and I have been very pleased with. If you're going to try one new strength and muscle toning product this year I highly recommend you pick up the regular Jungle Gym.

Stay Fit,

Josh Hewett

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  • 1 inch webbing with heavy duty buckles
  • Two foot straps
  • Two handles
  • An instructional DVD and pamphlet by Jon Hinds



I bought this product to take with me on the road (I travel about 60 days/year) because one of my friends recommended it. Now I use it at home more than most of my other equipment. Super product - I can't say enough about it. Ana Newman
- Chesapeake, VA

I like it quite a bit. I use it in my basement over a beam. Great body weight workout for the back. I also do body weight flyes with it as well (push up position then arms out laterally and back up). Really seems to work the stabilization muscles quite nicely. Dips take on a whole new challenge when you have to control your movement. Overall the workout is similar to gymnastic training for the rings.
- C. MacConnell (Ohio)

I bought this from lifeline recently and it has been an EXCELLENT addition to my home gym equipment. I'm not a person who travels back and forth to a gym each day. I also do not like paying an arm and a leg for expensive pieces of workout equipment that eventually become expensive coat racks.

This workout solution is about as low tech as it can get. The equipment is simple, but it works and sets up in seconds. The clips adjust quickly and are incredibly secure. The emphasis of the instruction sheet and the DVD that came along with it, is in upper body strength. You can do chin ups--by regulating height, you can work up from lifting part of your body weight to full body weight. For me, this was the best part of the Jungle Gym. My chin ups/pull ups have improved remarkably by using the device.

The downside of the device is that it requires a STURDY DOOR and DOOR FRAME. I would be leery of using the device if the door does not close securely AND LOCKS or if you are worried about the integrity of your house's construction. Remember, the Jungle Gym is strong enough to hold your body weight, but the door it is connected to has to be able to do the same. If not, you will find yourself flat on your back with a new home improvement project to do. Remember too, that when your feet are touching the ground and you do pull towards the door, the weight decreases as you pull. This is not a defect of the device, it's just the physics of the situation. (With free weights, the weight is stable throughout your range of motion. With exercise bands the weight increases as the band lengthens.) Also, this is a great device for weight/circuit training, but is not really an aerobic solution.

The Jungle Gym, along with a few exercise bands are IDEAL for travel. This yielded a gym that weighed less than two pounds, fit in my suitcase easily and allowed for a variety of body weight and resistance exercises.
- "jojoleb", Pittsburgh



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